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Heritage Sweater - Pink

Heritage Sweater - Pink

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Turn Heads With This Trendy Dog Sweater: Vintage Vibes & Cozy Comfort

Looking for a way to keep your pup warm and stylish this season? Look no further than the Sculpted Turtleneck Sweater! This unique sweater combines comfort, function, and trendy design, making it a must-have for any pet parent.

Here's what makes it special:

  • Vintage-Inspired Design: Stand out from the pack with a one-of-a-kind, native-inspired print and warm color combinations.
  • Comfy & Sculpted Fit: The high-quality, multi-knit turtleneck provides a cozy, sculpted fit that flatters all dog breeds.
  • Secure & Snug: The ribbed arm holes ensure a comfortable fit that stays put during walks and playtime.
  • Unisex Style: This sweater looks paw-some on both male and female dogs.
  • Authentic GF PET Logo Patch: Show your brand love with a stylish logo patch.

Easy to put on and care for:

  • Simply pull the sweater over your dog's head and slip their legs through the arm holes. The stretchy knit ensures a perfect fit.
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning!

Available in a variety of sizes (please see size chart).

Order yours today and let your furry friend be the trendiest pup on the block!


  • Benefit-oriented title: Focuses on the benefits for pet owners and their dogs.
  • Stronger benefit focus: Highlights the key features and benefits of the design, comfort, fit, and care instructions.

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