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Heritage Sweater - Grey Mix

Heritage Sweater - Grey Mix

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Step Back in Style: The GF PET Heritage Turtleneck

Dress your furry friend in comfort and heritage-inspired flair with the GF PET Heritage Sweater! This unique turtleneck boasts a blend of functionality and fashion:

  • Vintage Charm: The eye-catching, native-inspired design with warm color combinations makes a bold statement.
  • Cozy Comfort: The high-quality, multi-knit turtleneck provides warmth and a comfortable, sculpted fit for all dog breeds.
  • Secure & Snug: The ribbed armholes ensure the sweater stays securely in place during walks or play.
  • Easy On & Off: The pullover design allows for quick and hassle-free dressing.
  • Authentic Branding: The genuine GF PET logo patch adds a touch of authenticity.

A must-have for any fashion-forward pup (and their owner!)

Available in a variety of sizes. Please see our size chart to ensure a perfect fit.

Here's how to put it on:

  1. Simply pull the sweater over your dog's head.
  2. Gently insert their front legs into the armholes.
  3. Pull the sweater down their back for a comfortable fit.
  4. The stretchy, multi-knit material will conform to your dog's body for optimal comfort.

Easy Care: Machine wash cold, hang dry. Skip the iron, bleach, and dry cleaner for lasting wear.

Order yours today and let your dog's inner fashionista shine!


  • Benefit-oriented title: Focuses on the benefits of style and heritage for pets.
  • Stronger benefit focus: Highlights the unique design, comfort features, easy on/off, and brand authenticity.
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